100 Blocks 100 Days – 100 Blocks Finished

The 100 Blocks in 100 Days has been quite a journey. Okay, it’s not technically over yet as there are still about 35 days of posting individual pictures on Instagram. But, I just finished the last of my 100 Blocks so for all intents and purposes it’s done!

100 Blocks 100 Days – 100 Blocks

There are some blocks that I’m not in love with, but that’s okay because the layout I want to do only requires 64 blocks. I may up that to 81 but I’m definitely not going to use all 100 because there are a few that I’m pretty meh on. I guess that’s what happens when I take two seconds to decide what fabric to use for a block. Some of the fabric combinations I tried don’t look that great together, but no guts no glory. Or guts and still no glory. At least I have some extra fabric so I can redo some if I want.

Remaking any blocks and making the sashing for this quilt will have to wait a bit since I have some other projects I want to get done first. First up is the Minecraft quilt I’ve been working on for my Sister-in-Law since December 2016. I have the sashing cut and ready to sew on. Hopefully I’ll get that done this week!

It’s nice to have all the 100 blocks done since that has pretty much been consuming most of my sewing time for the past couple months. With that done, I’m hoping to bust out some of my big WIP’s before the end of the year.


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