100 Days 100 Blocks 1-36

I’ll be honest, when I first started quilting, I didn’t get sampler quilts. I never understood why would you want to make a quilt where each block is different. There was no symmetry! Oh man, have I changed my tune. In fact, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with sampler quilts. My first sampler was a block of the month that I did: 2016 Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson. I had a blast making all of the blocks! Sewing them together and actually finishing the top are on my mental radar for 2017, but that doesn’t really mean much, as what I intend to get done and what I actually get done rarely coincide.

What I really want to write about today is the 100 Days 100 Blocks sew-a-long being hosted by @gnomeangel on Instagram. The idea is that each day for 100 days, you post to Instagram a picture of a block you made from Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book. I think that the idea is also that you sew a block a day but I knew that was not realistic for me.

The event started on May 7th and goes through August 14th. I started guns blazing on March 4th (yes, March.) I wanted to be half way done before the event even started. There’s nothing worse than being stressed about getting blocks done for what should be a fun online event. I didn’t quite achieve my goal but I had a good start nonetheless.

The fabric I’m using is Cultivate by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery along with some Kona Solids. Here are the first 36 blocks, you can check them out individually on my Instagram page @adrian.hom.

100 Days 100 Blocks 1-36
100 Days 100 Blocks 1-36

There were initially some blocks that I didn’t care for after I made them. But when I combine them all together, my least favorite blocks just blend right in and I don’t even notice them. There are definitely some blocks that aren’t going to make it into my final quilt top, but that’s mainly due to the layout I’m going to use.

I have been having so much fun browsing the hashtag #100days100blocks2017 and seeing everyone’s take on each of the blocks. I’ve learned some tricks for fussy cutting from others in the sew-a-long that I was able to incorporate into blocks that I hadn’t cut yet. More of that to come later though, can’t be posting ahead of schedule after all.

As of today I have cut out all 100 blocks and I have completed about 60 blocks. Once I finish these up, I’ll get caught up on the #sewcialbeesampler sew-a-long. I’m also doing the #52weekswiththequiltersplanner sampler sew-a-long. Did I mention that I’m addicted to sampler quilts now?


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