Fabric Purchases and Usage: November 2017

I was inspired by @angbrandl on instagram to start tracking my fabric usage and purchases so I had a better idea of my in’s and outs. I’m hoping this will curb my fabric purchase because, oh boy, did I buy a lot of fabric in November.

Believe it or not, it was hard to find a method of tracking how much fabric is used in a project. But I did find a great blog post by In Color Order about how she tracks her fabric. Lots of math and spreadsheets involved, and anytime the word spreadsheet is mentioned I get pretty excited. I decided to go with the square inch of fabric used method.

There is no time like the present to start so I whipped up my own spreadsheet (it needs work but I at least wanted a rough idea for November) and figured out my purchases and usages.

Purchases: This is easy, anything I bought. For pre-cuts such as charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes, I estimated based on a quick google search, which was pretty close to my calculations based on square inch.

Charm Pack – .75 yards

Jelly Roll – 2.75 yards

Layer Cake – 2.75 yards

Usage: This was definitely more tricky. I decided to include anything I finished, which makes me sad for the future because I rarely finish things. Thankfully I did finish the Minecraft this month. My other finish was a tiny triangle pouch which took a whopping 10″ x 10″ square of fabric. I still included this because I finished something gosh darn it.

I did a pretty quick calculation for the Minecraft quilt and am actually probably a little low on my estimate because I didn’t want to take the time to figure out every single block, since they are all different. I may refine my methods going forward but my current estimate is close enough for my needs.

Drum-roll please….

 2017 Fabric In Fabric Out Net Fabric
November 44 (10) 34

Holy cow…I knew this would be rough, but 44 yards?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Quantity Yards
Flannel Yardage 11.00
Backing/Boarder Yardage 8.00
Solid White 5.00
Charm Packs 5 3.75
Jelly Rolls 2 5.50
Other Yardage and Fat Quarters 11.00

You may be asking yourself: “Adrian, why would you buy 11 yards of flannel?” Because $3.25 and $2.88 a yard for quality flannel from my local quilt shop, that’s why. 7 yards of that is already cut up and in process to be made into pillowcases for Christmas gifts. Even though I said no handmade Christmas gifts this year because it’s stressful. But when you buy 11 yards of flannel, you gotta do something with it right away to justify the purchase.

So here is my goal for December and 2018, use more fabric than I buy. Hopefully December should be easy because of pillowcases and me being in shock about how much I bought in November. 

Happy sewing!


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