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Finished: Shark Mini Quilt

Finished: Shark Mini Quilt

Pattern: Shark by QA Designs

Size: 20” x 20”

Started: March 2017

Finished: June 2017

Fabrics Used: mixed greys, including some Moda Grunge and scraps. Background is Daiwabo Selection for E.E. Schenck Company

Quilting: Janome 8900MC

Sea monster Swap 2017 Shark Mini Quilt


For some reason, I could not resist signing up for the #seamonsterswap on Instagram. I’ve always loved the deep ocean (not actually going in of course, because you know, sea monsters.) My partner that I was to make a mini quilt for gave me tons of options, like I was overwhelmed and couldn’t decide what to do! Finally, I decided to make her a great white shark.

When I first decided to do the shark, I had some trouble coming up with a background fabric, I wanted something that looked like water. At my local quilt shop I found the perfect one! It faded from blue to purple and had a wave-like pattern. I knew it would be a challenge to try to match the colors up and make sure the waves were going in the right direction. I had to try. All in all, I think I was pretty successful. I learned a lot and know I could do it even better a second time around.

This was actually one of the most challenging paper pieced projects I have done, as the pieces were super tiny! Some of those teeth were crazy small.

The person that I made this for really liked pizza, and it seemed like she had a pretty good sense of humor, so I decided to glue on a pizza patch. Of course I forgot to take a picture after I glued the pizza on, but here’s one when I was testing locations.

For the back, I found the perfect Anna Marie Horner fabric in my stash, although I didn’t quite have enough. So I took this opportunity to try piecing the back, which I had never done before. I love how it turned out!

I want to make another shark for myself someday because I love this one so much! Hopefully I get to that sooner rather than later.



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