Minecraft Quilt and Buying Too Much Fabric

For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to finish up a quilt top. I always get less motivated to work on a quilt the bigger it gets, but I’ve been trying to push through on this Minecraft quilt and do at least a little bit each day. I’ve almost got all the sashing on,but then I hit a sinus cold roadblock this weekend and have lost my sew-jo for now. Here’s a picture of my current status. I still need sashing in between and then on the top and sides.

Minecraft quilt with some sashing

On another note, I’m putting this in writing here to hold myself accountable. I buy way too much fabric, mostly when it is on sale. In fact, always when it’s on sale. I have no problem resisting fabric when it’s full price, but when it gets down to $4 a yard I pretty much can’t say no. I scored this bunch of fabric for $3-4 a yard last month. Yeah, those top two are 5 yards each for $3 a yard.

Did I need it? Not even remotely. I have more backing than I could reasonably use in the next 5 years given my quilt per year completion ratio. Three quilts per year in case you are wondering, I’m hoping to increase that to four this year.

So my goal for the rest of the year: buy no fabric. That’s right. None. I may break that rule to get some specific Kona solid I need to finish a project, but that’s it. I am in a quilting beehive right now (more on that in a future blog) and sometimes I just don’t have the right fabric in my stash. But, I have some gift cards to my local quilt shop so that should tide me over if I need a random fat quarter.

I’ll be honest, this will be super tough for me when those end of the year sales come around. But I’m going to try to stay strong and I promise I’ll post about it if I do end up cheating.


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