Still Buying Too Much Fabric

Okay, so my grand plans of posting once a week didn’t pan out. Neither did posting every other week. Or ever, apparently. My grand plans of not buying fabric lasted about a month. As promised, I’m posting here (finally.)

Fabric purchase #1 (August) – I couldn’t resist going to local quilt shop in my home town while I was visiting family. It’s such a fun little quilt shop and they have the Farmhouse line from Fig Tree that I had some of but wanted some more from the line. I spent only around $20 and only bought what I was planning on when I went into the store so I considered it a win at the time. I now have a fine assortment of Farmhouse in random sizes including but not limited to: fat quarters, 1/4 yards, 1/3 yards, 1/2 yards, and 5/8 yards. There was initially a plan, hence the random sizes, but now I have a new plan…sort of.

Farmhouse fabric collection

Fabric purchase #2/3 (September, twice) – There was a fabric store going out of business locally and everything was 40% off with only 1/2 yard minimums. I actually didn’t even  know about this until my SIL tagged me in a facebook post, so really it’s all her fault. I went the next day and got lots of great stuff. Then my SIL and MIL went a couple days later, so of course I tagged along. I do feel a little guilty, but my stash was definitely lacking in the purple department and I’ve actually used some already so clearly it was the right thing to do.

Fabric Purchase 2 and 3

So here we are mid September and I’m rekindling my goal of no more fabric purchases. Surely I can resist all those end of the year sales, right?

So what actual sewing have I been doing? Not much, sadly. My energy levels have been pretty low lately so what sewing time I had before has turned more into nap time. I have made some progress in these past couple months though.

Minecraft Quilt – The top is finished but the backing needs piecing. I’ve been procrastinating on this spectacularly.

Minecraft quilt closeup

Magic 8 ball Quilt – I started working on one of my WIPs in order to continue procrastinating the minecraft quilt. I finished the last couple blocks I needed and got all my blocks trimmed and just need to piece them together. More on this later!

Magic 8 Ball Block

Patriotic Dog Quilt – Done with the quilt top! My own pattern, although a simple one. More on this later!

Hyde Park Table Runner – Almost done (granted it’s been in this phase for a while.) I finally got the binding on and need to finish hand binding it. Pictures when I actually finish it.

My main goal for the rest of the year is to avoid starting too many new projects (let’s be real here, I can’t help but start new projects.) I want to get the Minecraft quilt done by Christmas and hopefully get one more quilt quilted.



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